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Introduction to Logic Graph Resource Animation
| 4 minute read
Introduction to Logic Graph Resource Animation
| 4 minute read

At cmBuilder we are always looking for new ways of empowering our users to convey meaningful storytelling to their clients and continuing that tradition we are excited to introduce our visual programming initiative.

The visual programming system in cmBuilder allows users to put their full industry knowledge to use without the traditional challenges associated with complex logic and animation. Mix and match resources and logic nodes to create fully dynamic scenes and bring your work to life!

Benefits of Visual Programming:

·     Granular control, specify mechanical configurations and placements moment-to-moment and watch them animate!

·     Smart tools, work faster with scenario-aware tools that adapt to your use case

·     Change parameters live for easy A/B testing, fast iteration

·     Share your creations with others to use and experiment with


cmBuilder Recourse | HB215LC - Hybrid Excavator
cmBuilde Resource | Bone Structure
cmBuilder Resource | Excavator Basic Movements
cmBuilder | Visual Graph

Our first milestone for visual programming is making animation as accessible as possible.
We already provide an easy one-stop-shop for animating the mechanical parts of resources with the “Animate Bone” node.
Next up, we are in the process of streamlining resource traversal, allowing users to easily use existing drawing tools to plan vehicle routes...in the future this underlying logic will allow cmBuilder users to animate the 3D Building model sequencing as well! Happy simulating!


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