cmBuilder digital construction
cmBuilder digital construction


cmBuilder democratizes 4D construction site logistics with fast & easy cloud-based workflows, powerful sequencing simulation capabilities, and unparalleled real-time collaboration.

cmBuilder digital construction
HOW cmBuilder
We do the heavy lifting
so you can get right to work
  • Autogenerate your construction site in context, in seconds
  • Load 3D drone scan or survey data to get accurate existing conditions
  • Import your project program/schedule, 3D BIM data, 2D drawings
Fast 3D & 4D site logistics modeling
It's as easy as drag and drop
  • Utilize our library of 1000+ construction resources to plan your site
  • Powerful excavation modeling with simple workflows
  • Visualize your construction process with detailed 4D simulations
Fast 3D & 4D site logistics modeling
It's as easy as drag and drop
  • Utilize our library of 1000+ construction resources to plan your site
  • Powerful excavation modeling with simple workflows
  • Visualize your construction process with detailed 4D simulations
Drive unparalleled team collaboration
Powerful visualizations, faster buy-in
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time with multi-player mode
  • Create presentations and share live links to communicate with stakeholders
  • Automatically quantify elements through the phases of your project
Customer Story Spotlight: EllisDonCustomer Story Spotlight: Balfour BeattyCustomer Story Spotlight: John Paul ConstructionCustomer Story Spotlight: Naylor Love
cmBuilder has allowed us at EllisDon to actually use that technology to solve the use case of 4D planning and sequencing, especially on jobs where traditionally we’ve not been able to do so.
Hammad Chaudhry
VP, Innovation & Construction Technology, EllisDon Corp.
cmBuilder is very easy to use, yet you still have the ability to add an almost endless amount of detail and intricacy if you wish. Perfect for any level of complexity project. Whether you are proposing on a project that has no design yet, or a fully BIM-integrated project with multiple models, cmBuilder helps with team coordination.
Matt Moore, LEED GA
Superintendent, S+B James Construction
We’re huge on giving the team access to cmBuilder as an integrated planning software. Rather than logistics planning in 2D and then separately viewing a 4D schedule with no logistics on it, we have been bringing it all together into one place with cmBuilder, which has been really, really helpful.
John Andres
Director of Technology, ANDRES Construction Services
cmBuilder has greatly elevated the quality of our preconstruction logistics plans at Skender.
Logistics plans were typically made in 2D because it was quick and easy, but now creating much more visually appealing and detailed plans are done just as easily in 3D!
Ben Stocker
Construction Technologist, Skender is revolutionizing our logistics plans on large projects.
Being able to incorporate the conceptual construction models  makes it invaluable in communicating our message to our clients, subcontractors, and the city.
Jim Pritchett
Sr. Superintendent, JTM Construction
For me, digital transformation means using as many tools/software as possible to automate manual tasks. is the perfect tool for pre-construction and construction folks to express their knowledge in a simple, easy way where they no longer need to reply on the resources of their modeling/drafting team. The traditional site logistics planning workflow becomes more streamlined, efficient, and collaborative.
Xenia Gordienko
VDC Manager, ETRO Construction
At Smith Bros. & Wilson we can see great value in the cmBuilder technology..
Having the ability to quickly plan and articulate what options are available on a project in many different scenarios is very valuable as a communication and collaboration tool..
Tyler Brown
General Superintendent, Smith Bros. & Wilson Ltd (BC)
If you want to save time and money as well as take timely decisions in your construction projects, then I think cmBuilder is a tool that can make it happen.
Many Central American countries do not have access to tools that are designed for pre-construction planning. For a better process and results, it is always better to use something that is designed for the job rather than adapting different tools to get it done. Construction logistics planning is often ignored due to lack of time and tools. With cmBuilder, it becomes a simple process and we can complete it in a very short time.
Pablo José Mota Peláe
BIM Manager, Grupo Macro
With cmBuilder, we have found an effective communication tool for site logistics planning and scheduling.
Matthew Hamann
Integrated Services Manager, Saunders Construction
If I have 2 weeks to prepare for a proposal, and things are going to change, can I still deliver something visually impressive and exciting? cmBuilder has been great for that.
Judson Terry, AIA, CM-BIM
Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Lemoine
All plans include unlimited users so that working with your team is never a problem!
All essentials for creating intelligent site logistics plans and 4D simulations
USD $416
per month, billed annually
Includes 5 active projects
USD $250/mo per 5
additional active projects
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  • Unlimited users
  • Create 2D/3D site logistics plans
  • Create 4D construction simulations
  • Share simulations via live links
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Unlimited archived projects
  • Unlimited training & technical support
Enterprise features including multi-tenant, dedicated support, and unlimited projects
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  • Premium features, plus
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Multi-company & tenant management
  • Regional cloud data hosting
  • Dedicated enterprise support agent
  • Prioritized resource / feature requests
  • Have a custom request? Talk to us!
Need more active projects?
USD $250/mo per each pack of 5 additional active projects
What are active and archived projects?

An active project is a project that you are currently working on or want to share with stakeholders. Active projects are both read and write enabled, meaning you can edit and share them. An archived project is read-only, meaning you cannot edit or share it.

How can I select the number of active projects I need?

When you purchase your cmBuilder plan, you'll have the opportunity to select the number of active projects you want to start with.  The Standard and Premium plans come with 5 included active projects. Additional active projects can be added in packs of 5. You can always add additional project packs to your plan later, when your current project allocation is reaching its limit

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Absolutely! We understand that your needs may change over time. You can upgrade your plan at any point to access more features or active projects. Downgrades take effect at the end of your billing cycle.

How many users are included in the plans?

All our plans include unlimited users. We believe in providing a collaborative environment for your team, and that means you can invite as many team members or collaborators as you need!

Do you offer training and support?

Yes, our dedicated customer success team is here to help with all your onboarding and specific support requests free of charge as part of all subscription plans. We provide support via email, phone, or the in-app chat. For self-guided help and a ton of valuable resources, you'll also have full access to our comprehensive Support Center., the new industry standard construction site logistics platform
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