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Verdex Construction: Empowering superintendents with cutting-edge tech
Verdex Construction is a full-service, general contractor and construction manager specializing in preconstruction and construction in Florida.
Verdex Construction: Empowering superintendents with cutting-edge tech
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Verdex Construction is a full-service, general contractor and construction manager specializing in preconstruction and construction in Florida. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Verdex Construction has offices in Tampa and Gainesville to support their projects spanning from Miami to the Treasure Coast and over to the Gulf Coast and North Florida. Verdex Construction specializes in various markets including multifamily, hospitality, student housing, assisted living, industrial, office and public sector work.

“I think 10 years from now, software like cmBuilder is going to replace the use of 2D logistic plans. I see a future where every job will have the cmBuilder software to create 4D logistic plans to have any attempt of getting the job done.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

We sat down with Ross Massey, Lead Superintendent Verdex Construction’s 8-story, student housing project in Tampa to learn more about their technology deployment goals and how that fits in with Verdex Construction's mission. As we discussed Verdex Construction’s values as a company, Ross shed light on Verdex Construction’s client-centric approach where they strive to ensure that clients are not only happy with the finished product but also with the entire process from start-to-finish. This includes keeping project teams accountable and taking ownership of any issues that arise, as well as maintaining clear and open lines of communication to ensure the client's needs are always met. The goal is not just to complete a project, but to provide an exceptional experience for the client every step of the way.

Verdex Construction uses markup tools and 3D resources in Met West at Tampa with

As we delved deeper into Ross's specific goals for his team, he shared the importance of creating a strong synergy between field and office personnel. Drawing from his own recent experience of transitioning from design and project management side of construction, back into to the field himself, Ross emphasized the value of having personnel who can not only go into the field, understand the problems, and work collaboratively with field personnel to resolve them, but can also bring their field expertise back to the office in order to resolve these issues by applying it to the technology available.

This approach of utilizing new technologies to resolve day-to-day on-site issues, efficiently and quickly, is where cmBuilder comes in. Ross shared a common concern of the complexities caused by tight logistics and space restrictions on projects, which often leads to costly mistakes if not handled proactively. It's also common to have miscommunication between the various project stakeholders that get involved with construction site logistics planning, as often the subcontractor has different or less information than the general contractor, design team and owner, leading to issues with coordination onsite. With technologies like the cmBuilder platform and 3D site logistics modeling, his team is able to optimize the placement of equipment onsite, such as outriggers and yodocks, to save time and avoid mistakes on the first go itself. Now Ross and his team are using to-scale, 3D models of the exact resources that will be used onsite and with 4D simulation capabilities, Ross and his team can find problems in the digital world before they happen onsite, enhancing their planning.  This proactive approach towards problem-solving enables Ross's team to stay ahead of potential issues and maintain a high level of efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

site logistics and 4D simulation planning by Verdex Construction using tools and resources

On a more holistic note, Ross highlighted the use of cmBuilder as a multifaceted tool to keep all stakeholders engaged at every stage.

“I push for software like cmBuilder because it has helped me tremendously with my site logistics and is also helping people that are getting involved with the site. For instance, a subcontractor or a new superintendent, I can walk them through cmBuilder and say this is how we are set up, this is why I set it up this way, and this is how we are going to flow this job efficiently and proactively.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

A Tool for the Employees

Verdex Construction's use of cmBuilder has allowed for greater flexibility and collaboration among their employees. With each superintendent assigned to different aspects of a project, they can create their own scenarios within cmBuilder. The ability to create individual scenarios not only allows them customization for each specific task but also provides a clear overview of who is responsible for what and eventually enables collaboration between all employees, all under cmBuilder.

“The first week our team got cmBuilder, they basically thought it was the best thing ever, because it’s user-friendly. Everyone has their own scenarios, one of the superintendents is doing exteriors, one is doing interiors, and another one is finishing up the structure, so they can work individually and make their own scenarios, and then we can all collaborate and create a plan of action.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

A Tool for the Subcontractors

Ross found that cmBuilder has greatly assisted their subcontractors with inventory management and organization. By inputting information into cmBuilder, the subcontractors are not only able to organize equipment orders but also ensure that the correct equipment is being used for the given situation. This ensures that the equipment used is optimal for the project requirements and streamlines the ordering process for all parties involved.

“I go into the subcontractors meeting and show them the presentation to let them know that this is what we expect for the setups, and now, as opposed to them just letting me know what they need, I ask for the exact cut sheet because we now havea software like cmBuilder that can tell me exactly where you can traverse around the terrain of the project, so cmBuilder really changes the upfront communication that you would have with your subcontractors.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

A Tool for the Owners

Verdex Construction has further leveraged technologies like cmBuilder as a communication tool with its project owners - it has been particularly helpful during meetings where the presentation mode in cmBuilder has allowed owners to see the progress and outcomes of the project in a visually interpretable format.

Overall, this approach not only gives Verdex Construction a competitive edge but also demonstrates their continued commitment to utilizing the latest technologies to enhance project outcomes and client satisfaction.

As we envisioned the future of the Construction technology landscape, Ross shared his vision for tools that allow for a seamless transition between virtual renderings and the physical construction site. Specifically, he envisions a system where a 3D model of the finished product can be viewed in real-time alongside the ongoing construction project. He believes that this would provide a clear roadmap for the construction team and help ensure that the project stays on track. While this technology exists on desktop computers, it is not yet available in the field. By embracing cutting-edge technology, Ross and his team hope to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

“When owners want to see how we’re finishing up the structure, I can do that in 30 minutes, I can put it on cmBuilder, send them a presentation and they can see exactly how it’s getting built. This aspect has been extremely helpful in our communication with owners.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

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