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JTM Construction Uses cmBuilder to Stand Out
Explore how JTM Construction & cmBuilder are revolutionizing the construction industry with cutting-edge technology and collaborative innovation.
JTM Construction Uses cmBuilder to Stand Out
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Elevating Construction: A Blend of Innovation and Collaboration

This customer story explores how cmBuilder enhances JTM Construction's collaborative, innovative, and client-focused approach. It highlights how JTM construction, a leader in technology deployment within construction, utilizes cmBuilder to achieve more effective workflows for project pursuits, client interactions, and trade partner communications.

"Having cmBuilder in our arsenal has made us stand out. It's helped on pursuits of projects, client interviews, and communicating with trade partners in an efficient way. Don't get me wrong, a nice 4D logistics plan in cmBuilder isn't the single deciding factor in winning a project. However, it shows that we've put some thought into the project planning. It shows that we've analyzed the site and how we're going to do things in the most efficient way possible."

- James Harbin - Director of Construction Technology at JTM Construction

LUMEN Project by JTM Construction

JTM Construction: A Legacy of Innovation

JTM Construction, a beacon of innovation in the construction sector, owes its inception to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, John, Tom, and Martin, who had worked together for years and set out on their own to carve a new path in construction. Under their guidance, JTM has cultivated a culture of heavy collaboration, focusing on project and client-centric approaches. Director of Construction Technology, James Harbin, emphasizes their commitment to putting clients first, whether it involves self-performing tasks or securing better deals through trade partners. This client-focused mentality has propelled JTM to the forefront of the industry, making it synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Terraine Project by JTM Construction

The Role of Technology in Construction Evolution

Harbin sheds light on the significant transformation in project delivery over the past decade, marked by increasing site complexities and stringent schedules. The shift towards utilizing 3D and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies has been a game-changer, enabling more informed decision-making and efficiency improvements. In this evolving landscape, JTM’s technology strategy focuses on supporting project teams by providing tools and software that enhance productivity and facilitate better project outcomes. Harbin’s vision extends to leveraging technology not just for its marketing potential but for its powerful, practical applications in project management and execution.

1305 Stewart Project by JTM Construction

cmBuilder: Revolutionizing Site Logistics and 4D Simulations

One of the key pillars in JTM’s ever evolving tech stack is cmBuilder, a platform that has redefined digital project planning and execution workflows for the company. Harbin highlights cmBuilder’s role in distinguishing JTM in the market, especially through its capabilities in 3D site logistics planning and 4D construction simulations. The platform’s ability to integrate real-time site conditions using drone technology and mesh them with architectural files for detailed visualization has been instrumental in improving project planning and stakeholder communication.

cmBuilder has facilitated a deeper understanding of project phases and logistics, benefiting not just the project team but also clients and trade partners. This enhanced clarity and transparency in planning have led to more efficient and effective project execution, reinforcing JTM’s reputation as a leader in adopting innovative technologies.

One Yesler Project by JTM Construction

Fostering Collaboration and Efficiency

The adoption of cmBuilder reflects JTM’s broader commitment to leveraging technology for better project outcomes. Harbin’s anecdotes about the joy found in working with project and pursuit teams to create standardized, efficient tools speak volumes about JTM’s culture of innovation and collaboration. The focus is not merely on adopting new technologies but on creating an environment where these technologies can be effectively integrated into daily workflows to benefit all project stakeholders.

Looking Ahead to The Future of Construction Technology

As the construction industry stands on the cusp of a technological renaissance, Harbin anticipates a future where standards in BIM and digital project documentation become the norm. This encompasses topics such as BIM becoming contract document deliveables, automated reality capture processing and reporting from the field to feed data to digital twins for project handover. The emerging generation of construction professionals at JTM, equipped with tools like cmBuilder, is poised to drive this change, leveraging technology to challenge conventional methods and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

JTM Construction and cmBuilder’s collaboration exemplifies the power of innovative technology and strategic partnership in shaping the future of construction. By prioritizing client needs, embracing technological advancements, and fostering a culture of collaboration, JTM has not only set a new standard for project execution but has also positioned itself as a leader in the technological transformation of the construction industry. As we look to the future, the continued evolution of platforms like cmBuilder and the visionary approach of companies like JTM Construction promise to redefine what is possible in the world of construction.

508 DENNY Project by JTM Construction

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