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Westview Projects - The Ingredients for Planning a Complex Site
Discover how Westview Projects planned the complex LeBreton Flats project in Ottawa, and how they leveraged 4D visualization with cmBuilder to streamline the process.
Westview Projects - The Ingredients for Planning a Complex Site
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Westview Projects - Building Excellence by fostering relationships

Westview Projects is a full-service construction management company established in 2016. Headquartered in Ottawa, Westview Projects specializes in offering construction management services to institutional, multi-residential and commercial clients.  The Westview team pride themselves in their dedication to maintaining long-term client relationships and project delivery that aligns with client expectations in terms of quality, schedule, and budget. Their focus on collaboration and mutual respect with trade partners is a core part of their commitment to project excellence.

Brad Doran-Veevers plays a pivotal role in upholding these standards for Westview as the Director of Construction. Doran-Veevers’ leadership is rooted in valuing diverse perspectives and fostering a collaborative framework. He believes in bringing together the unique experiences and insights of every team member, trade partner, and stakeholder to create a unified vision for their projects.

Westview Projects using for site planning and 4D simulations
665 Albert Street Project by Westview Projects

Doran-Veevers talked about the transformative role of technology in construction and how it has evolved over the years. One crucial role for technology that he sees is bridging the knowledge gap in the industry, especially as experienced professionals retire. Utilizing tools that provide clear visualizations accelerate the learning process for the younger generation. He added the synergy of knowledge and technology not only drives current success, but is pivotal for the industry's future, enabling safer, faster, and higher quality construction. "The shift from basic 2D logistics to the use of drones and platforms like cmBuilder has revolutionized our approach".

The LeBreton Flats Project: A Case Study in Complex Urban Site Logistics Planning

The LeBreton Flats project by Dream Unlimited, designed by Perkins&Will and KPMB Architects, is a landmark development in Ottawa, designed to become the largest net zero residential building in Canada. It consists of two towers, a 36 Storey and a 31 Storey high-rise residential tower with 608 residential units, 250 of those being affordable housing units (133 units by Multifaith Housing Initiative, a non-profit housing provider, and 117 affordable units). The project is not just about constructing buildings; it's about revitalizing an entire area, turning it into a bustling, attractive, and functional urban space. The project encompasses a wide range of construction activities, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, making it one of the most diverse and challenging projects undertaken by Westview. The scale of the project and the high expectations set by both the client and the public make it a unique challenge, but also an incredible opportunity for Westview to showcase their capabilities.

Image Courtesy of Perkins&Will

Site planning for the LeBreton Flats project presented a multitude of challenges. The primary concern was managing the intricate logistics of a large-scale urban construction project. This included dealing with tight schedules, coordinating the delivery of materials, managing construction traffic, and ensuring the safety of workers and the public. Additionally, the project required seamless integration of various construction phases to avoid any disruptions to the surrounding urban and built environment. There is a large amount of underground piping running adjacent to the project on the on the South, the West and across the property. On the north side of the building there's the LRT transit right adjacent to the property. There were crane swing concerns, specially with the LRT, for the two cranes on the project that were vital to plan for.

“We also had to work with some neighbouring properties that are owned by different entities and coordinate how much space we would need to access the site in a safe manner. Access to these things has costs associated with them so the more that you can plan them out in a manner that's productive for the site but doesn't take up more than you need is crucial to making the project cost effective.”

Westview Projects using for site planning and 4D simulations
Mobilization and Site Setup by Westview Projects

Westview Projects using for site planning and 4D simulations
Crane Coverage Envelopes for 665 Albert Street

These challenges necessitated a sophisticated and flexible approach to site logistics planning, underscoring the need for an approach that could handle the complexity and dynamism of the project.

Westview's approach to the site planning of the LeBreton Flats project was characterized by careful planning, collaboration, and reliance on technology for seamless communication. The focus on site logistics planning was crucial. The team undertook a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of the project, from the timing of material deliveries to the strategic placement of cranes and other heavy equipment. This detailed planning was crucial for minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth progression of construction activities. The planning process also involved regular consultations with stakeholders, including city officials, local communities, and environmental experts, to ensure that all aspects of the project were aligned with broader urban development goals. This collaborative approach was instrumental in creating a robust and adaptable construction plan.

The Role of cmBuilder on The Project

cmBuilder emerged as an invaluable tool in planning process for the LeBreton Flats project. The platform's 4D simulation capabilities enabled Westview to visualize each phase of construction, identify potential bottlenecks, and proactively address them. The interactive nature of cmBuilder's tools also enabled the team to make real-time adjustments to the plans, allowing iteration and flexibility for unforeseen challenges. The use of cmBuilder not only streamlined the planning and execution process but also played a critical role in optimizing resource allocation, assisting with planning for safety, and improving overall project efficiency.

Brad Doran-Veevers, Director of Construction at Westview
“We were able to import our BIM model into cmBuilder and then really accelerate the pace at which we were able to start looking at how things looked on site. We were able to use drone images and tie in all the different aspects of the site. Having everything in there, then a significant value of cmBuilder for us is that anyone on our team can access it, and you don't have to be a computer wizard to use it”

- Brad Doran-Veevers - Director of Construction at Westview

In summary, the collaboration between Westview Projects and in planning of the LeBreton Flats project stands as an example of how technology can assist construction site planning and management. Having the right tools allows the experts to take on ever more complex challenges in developing our urban environment.

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