Saving time and money with real-time collaboration on the cloud
| 4 minute read
Saving time and money with real-time collaboration on the cloud
| 4 minute read

Identifying a Market Gap

A recent research study shared that over three quarters of owners, architects, and contractors agree that more integration between the design and build parties during the design phase significantly reduces the level of uncertainty in projects. However, when it comes to construction site logistics planning, achieving this integration between the office and the field teams with the traditional project workflows – 2D drawings & temporary resource cut sheets (cranes, hoists, etc.), some static 3D BIM models screenshots, file-based workflows – can create silos and lead to slower decision making. In other words, collaboration happens over the drawings, email exchanges and when project members can get together for meetings.

The Solution

cmBuilder fills a market need for real-time collaboration among the project team with “multi-player mode”, united the 4D site logistics planning modeling/visualization and collaboration. The platform not only allows users to seamlessly run live 4D logistics simulations on the cloud, but within the live authoring environment, with multiplayer mode, users can synchronously collaborate in real time with all collaborators in the scenario seeing the changes happen live in 3D, allowing for immediate feedback loops on site logistics plans and scenario analysis. Think of a GoogleDocs or Figma-like experience, users can follow each other’s cameras, add comments to the siteplan and tag other users to get an email ping. Multiplayer mode experience specialized for the construction industry’s visual needs.

Breaking Silos, with cmBuilder

A study conducted by Accenture highlighted that 75% of surveyed construction industry executives said that their internal business functions were competing against each other instead of collaborating. The shed light on the importance of a creating a more communication-oriented workflow across projects, to drive value to projects and ensure efficiency in decision making. Now, picture this - your project includes an owner in his office, a superintendent on site, and an architect in their office. Through the “Multiplayer mode”, all three of them can log into the same scenario at the same time and in real-time, the architect can follow the superintendent’s camera to better understand his perspective, visually and intellectually, the owner can type in comments to make suggestions and tag the target recipient for ease of understanding; together they’re able to make changes and solve problems, in real-time.

Therefore, while cmBuilder’s “Multiplayer mode” drives value towards synchronous collaboration through quick and real-time project planning, its “commenting” feature enables asynchronous collaboration to address the level of intricacy involved in simulations, wherein delivering the right message – by commenting – to the right person – by tagging – is vital. Multiplayer mode and commenting not only help with enhancing the planning process, users can also work through project issues with the commenting and “resolve” workflow. Work smart and faster on the cloud with cmBuilder!


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