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How McClone Construction is Driving New Innovation in an Old Industry
Explore McClone Construction's tech leap with cmBuilder, driven by Kevin Viamonte's innovative approach to modern construction challenges.
How McClone Construction is Driving New Innovation in an Old Industry
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In the ever-evolving world of construction, McClone Construction stands out as a beacon of innovation and adaptability. Since its inception in 1975, McClone has carved a niche in structural concrete design, planning, and construction, tackling a diverse range of projects from education to residential sectors.

"Me being just six months into my career, I'm able to sit at the table across a Superintendent with 20 years of experience or across my mentor who's got decades of experience. It's really cool because we're all working on the same page. I think it benefits superintendents, pre-construction, project managers, and estimators the most because we're all able to just hop on a video call and work out site logistics with ease​”.

- Kevin Viamonte - Estimator at McClone Construction Company

Enter Kevin Viamonte, a fresh face in the industry, whose rapid mastery of cmBuilder, a cutting-edge construction simulation platform, is helping redefine construction project planning and execution at McClone. Despite being relatively new to the construction field, Viamonte’s perspective breathes new life into McClone's approach, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and accuracy in construction site logistics planning.

Building demolition simulation shown by McClone Construction Company using

Viamonte's role as an Estimator at McClone is pivotal as he interfaces across project management and operations in the field. His aspiration to integrate new technologies like cmBuilder into McClone's workflow, and the support he has been provided from his veteran team, speaks volumes about the company’s forward-thinking ethos. The construction industry, often perceived as traditional and resistant to change, is witnessing a revolution at McClone, with Viamonte leading the charge in adopting innovative solutions.

"My aspiration for McClone is that we continue to adopt new and unfamiliar technology to make project execution easier. It's kind of hard to adopt anything new because we're used to our older ways. However, my aspiration is to really inspire other team members to not be afraid and research, look up things that interest them, and pitch them to the rest of the team."​​ said Viamonte.

Pouring concrete, building foundation by McClone Construction Company using or 4D simulations and site logistics

The adoption of cmBuilder at McClone's has been transformational. The construction site logistics planning and simulation platform enables the creation of intricate 4D models, simplifying complex site logistics planning and project phasing. For Viamonte, the tool is more than just a technological asset; it’s a medium that encourages collaboration and discussion, bringing together experienced superintendents and budding professionals like himself on an equal footing speaking the same language.

The deployment of 4D simulation at McClone goes beyond mere project planning; it's a testament to the company's commitment to continuous learning and improvement. The platform's ability to visualize project flows and optimize schedules showcases McClone's dedication to efficiency and precision. Viamonte's expertise with cmBuilder, despite his short tenure in the industry, is a shining example of how embracing new technology can rapidly elevate a company's capabilities.

Level 10 construction, pouring concrete, by McClone Construction Company shown in

McClone's adoption of cmBuilder and other technologies such as jobsite cameras and tracking, are not just about staying ahead in technology relative to the market; it’s about nurturing a culture of innovation and teamwork within the company. McClone recognizes the value of fresh perspectives and the importance of empowering its team with the best tools available. This ethos is evident in Viamonte's story – a young construction professional thriving in an environment that values growth, learning, mentorship and technological advancement.

As McClone Construction continues to evolve and adapt, the integration of cmBuilder stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing how traditional industries can embrace modern technology to reshape their future. Viamonte's journey is a testament to the power of innovation and a reminder that in the world of construction, the only constant is change.

Level 16 construction, pouring concrete, by McClone Construction Company shown in

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