Enhanced Graphics, User Roles & Permissions and other product updates
| 4 minute read
Enhanced Graphics, User Roles & Permissions and other product updates
| 4 minute read

As cmBuilder strives to get better every day, our betterment has taken on a visual approach with our latest feature update seeing a sublime improvement to Site Plan graphics and its tools. With cleaner edges come cleaner finishes, our rendering improvements see the addition of more definitions to contour rendering with an added focus to elements of environmental lighting and reflections that truly bring the Site Plan to life.

The defined finishes allow for an excellent user experience where are all milestone stages involved ranging from the initial excavation phase to the final presentation phase, are shaped by crisp visuals whilst giving life-like simulations to these elements. This update sees rendering patterns that take into account the need for shadows and light balances on Site Plans.

The rendering improvements pay specific attention to the colour schemes on equipment, facilities and surrounding buildings. By giving users an enhanced experience, cmBuilder gets one step closer to its goal of providing the most accessible and user-friendly 3D/4D site simulation platform. Parametric 3D resources on the cmBuilder catalog now mirror those seen in construction fields through the precision given to their dimensions and colour codes.

Markups take on a new face by highlighting these improved graphics on the Site Plan. Users can now capture angles with crisp and well-defined elements that finetune the presentation process. The callouts within these markups not only give clarity to specific elements and operations, they also help in capturing details and elements of the layout that may be missed during the pursuit phase. The ability to add hyperlinks to callouts whilst adding these completed markups to the presentation slides speaks to the usability and efficiency of these operations within the Site Plan.

In creating a Site Plan on cmBuilder, project and company roles and permissions have to be set. These roles are set to give eligible users access to company resources based on user permissions. Within these settings, scales of roles and permissions have been set to address any questions of hierarchy within a company and its specific projects.

The design of these user roles and permissions covers company-wide access and specific projects lines; a unique feature that shapes user and information privacy. The need for true accessibility and privacy in the preconstruction industry is met with cmBuilder’s roles and permissions that plays host to an array of settings where all stakeholders involved in the pursuit phase are given clearly defined boundaries and access within the Site Plan.

The scope of this update is to create an immersive user experience. Simply providing efficient3D/4D site simulation is not enough anymore, we are determined to make these operations highly effective and impactful by visually grasping the attention of General Contractors and all stakeholders during the preconstruction and pursuit phases.

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