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Embracing Innovation: Manhattan Construction and cmBuilder's Strategic Collaboration
Discover Manhattan Construction's pioneering approach to integrating cutting-edge technology and collaboration with cmBuilder for enhanced project delivery.
Embracing Innovation: Manhattan Construction and cmBuilder's Strategic Collaboration
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Building a Legacy with Modern Tools

Manhattan Construction Company, a renowned family-owned enterprise founded in 1896 by Lawrence H. Rooney, has been a vanguard in the construction industry for over a century. Maintaining its roots as a family business, Manhattan Construction serves a diverse array of markets, including aviation, healthcare, education, and sports, continually adapting to meet the complex demands of modern projects.

Andrew Schroeder BIM Manager at Manhattan Construction Company speaking about

"When it comes to technology, we've been getting VDC involvement earlier in projects, which has been really helpful to plan out the logistics. With cmBuilder, we've been able to collaborate with our project teams and ensure that the logic makes sense and it's done in a way that can more easily communicate our plan to the client and our trade partners."

- Andrew Schroeder - BIM Manager at Manhattan Construction Company

A New Era of Construction Management

The evolution of project delivery has accelerated dramatically, particularly in the past decade. Andrew Schroeder, BIM Manager at Manhattan, highlights the increasing complexity of designs and the crucial role of technology in achieving sustainability and efficiency. Innovations like prefabrication in large-scale projects, such as hospital builds in Oklahoma, exemplify Manhattan’s forward-thinking approach.

Municipal Building in Florida by Manhattan Construction Company using
Municipal Building in Florida by Manhattan Construction Company

cmBuilder: Revolutionizing Project Planning and Execution

This fully web-based, unlimited users enterprise construction planning platform has significantly impacted Manhattan Construction's project management processes, enabling dynamic digital planning and execution. With features like drag and drop 3D site logistics modeling, along with linking the schedule for full 4D simulations that align closely with construction phasing and sequencing, cmBuilder facilitates a comprehensive view of projects from inception to completion.

Andrew Schroeder elaborates on the distinct advantages of cmBuilder, particularly its emphasis on collaboration, accessibility via the web and the allowance for unlimited users. For Manhattan, this democratizes access to project data, fostering a collaborative environment where every stakeholder, from project managers to superintendents, actively participates in planning and execution. The platform's flexibility in creating multiple scenarios enhances the team's ability to communicate specific details to various parties, such as during phases of airport gate closures.

Children’s Hospital in Oklahomaby Manhattan Construction Company using
Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma by Manhattan Construction Company

Technological Synergy and Future Directions

Under Schroeder’s leadership, Manhattan Construction doesn’t just adopt new technologies; it integrates them into the very fabric of its operations. The introduction of tools like Revizto and robotic total stations for projects across Manhattan underscores a commitment to precision and quality.

Looking ahead, Schroeder is optimistic about the role of AI and cloud-based collaboration tools in construction. These technologies promise to enhance data integration and decision-making processes, further streamlining project delivery and enhancing outcome predictability.

Aviation Project in Texas by Manhattan Construction Company using
Aviation Project in Texas by Manhattan Construction Company

"With the 3D and 4D sequencing, we definitely want to include our superintendents in the process and with the simplified user interface of cmBuilder, if they're able to do things like bring in their cranes, place the trailers where they want them and put in the roads where they want them, that really makes the process a lot more streamlined. Then the VDC team can be more of a support function helping prep models, set up the scenarios, etc."

- Andrew Schroeder - BIM Manager at Manhattan Construction Company

What’s next: A Partnership Poised for the Future

The strategic alliance between Manhattan Construction and cmBuilder is a testament to the industry's potential when traditional expertise meets cutting-edge technology. As Manhattan Construction continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in construction, platforms like cmBuilder are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. Together, they not only aim to achieve operational excellence but also strive to leave a lasting impact on the built environment, ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability for generations to come.

This collaboration not only highlights each company's strengths but also sets a benchmark for the industry, proving that embracing technological advancements and nurturing a culture of innovation are key to staying at the forefront of the construction industry.

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