Empowering users to increase project shareholder engagement using the cmBuilder direct share link feature
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General contractors and project stakeholders strive to leverage digital technologies to accelerate project timelines, identify construction phase risks and make better decisions that save costs downstream. The site logistics component to the project planning phase is a critical component to all this and is why companies are turning to 3D/4D site simulation platforms like cmBuilder to plan and simulate site logistics, run multiple “scenarios” and generate project timeline simulations, allowing them to make better, data-driven decisions that account for project risks, cost constraints and overall site-specific logistics planning.

The accessibility provided by cmBuilder goes a step further with our direct share link feature. The public link is a link to a scenario in cmBuilder that can be accessed by any user without needing login credentials. Basically, anyone can open this link through any web browser without having a cmBuilder account. This feature gives room for more stakeholders to consume the powerful visualizations created in cmBuilder and be more collaborative in the site simulation process.

The 4D site logistics simulations accessible on these shared links make it easier for users outside of the project owners – whether the client, subcontractors, the construction team or other stakeholders – to view and analyze critical information about site models. This gives teams better insights into potential project risks and details in multiple scenarios, so project sequencing is more accurate.

This detailed plan includes a flipbook presentation made up of milestones and markups that capture every stage of the pre-construction plan. The presentation feature allows users and stakeholders to play, pause and make changes to the site plan. Now, project teams have access to this information in real time. This gives teams new ways to surface action items and resolve them before they become issues later.

cmBuilder developed the share feature (live link) with construction workflows in mind. Risk aversion for general contractors is crucial to successfully navigating the pursuit phases. cmBuilder provides the 4D scheduling, which gives users better insight into time management strategies, scenario testing and better communication with stakeholders. Increased accessibility, coupled with risk aversion techniques, leads to greater profitability.

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