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cmBuilder turns 2 - A roundtable discussion on the current state of construction tech
| 4 minute read
cmBuilder turns 2 - A roundtable discussion on the current state of construction tech
| 4 minute read

On September 15th,2022, over some coffee, tea and pancakes the entire CadMakers team celebrated the 2-year anniversary of the cmBuilder.io public launch! The focus of the event was around the engaging roundtable discussion on all things construction technology from a panel of industry trailblazers from all over the world.

Moderated by cmBuilder co-founder Javier Glatt, the panel discussed their direct experiences from the front lines on topics such as: 4D Simulation, 360 Image Capture, 3D Scanning, Robotics on Site, BIM to Field, Digital Information Management, VR/AR Applications to Assist Verification and Signoff, among other pressing topics.

A few key insights from the panel session:

1)     It is very challenging to bring new technology solutions to the front lines in construction. There may not be a willingness to change the current process and even if there is, the construction world is impatient. If there are no immediate meaningful savings in time or money, or a step change in safety improvements, these new solutions often face pushback or a slow adoption curve. The construction industry is a fastmoving machine and projects don’t have time to wait for tech solutions.

2)     Too much "technology trying to find problems to solve", instead of problems being solved with dedicated technology applications. Shiny objects like ductwork on site? Too hard to 3D scan. Want to walk spot mini on the floor everyday to scan as-built reality capture? The floor slab is too unpredictable and constantly changing during construction. Want to do automated floor setout/layout? The floors are dirty so now you need to spend labour hours to sweep the floors perfectly clean to allow for a robot to roam, not practical on the vast majority of current construction sites. The physical world is far more constrained than the virtual world.

"Sharing capabilities within cmBuilder, the fact that we can share that with the whole project team, all our contract partners, our clients, everyone can get visibility of exactly what the plan sequence of works are the project."

-Jonathan Sutton, on finiding the right 4D tool fit their team

Manager of Digital Implementation, Ireland Operations | Jacobs

"It also really depends on if it's your own project, if you are the developer or if you're just one wheel in the whole machine. Then it's different because when we work, one big benefit is you don't have to pay the print cost. So we evaluate the print cost. For our company that's quiet a big number."

-Yves Serventi, on determining the digital information strategy when they are the project developer

BIM Manager | Implenia Schweiz AG

"When it really comes to the project, it is the 360 capture that's showing the most benefits for us. It is just crazy how quality it's taken off and been adopted by the whole business across the United States and the UK as well."

-Dominic Corrado, on how 360 image capture has hand an immediate impact on their projects

Director Construction Technology | Balfour Beatty - TX/AZ

While there are certainly challenges being faced by construction technologists all over the world, there is also a tremendous amount of optimism and a groundswell of new innovation coming to the construction industry. We certainly learned that we all need to keep an eye on this space in the coming years as…THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!

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