cmBuilder Site Plan (version 3.0) continues to solve preconstruction woes with its enhanced simulation experience
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Savvy preconstruction practices require presentable and accurate measures of project setups, buildings and site works during the planning phase. An industry-wide gaping hole occurs when these operations are illustrated in 2D drawings; as the need for practicality and usability begs for 3D/4D simulations. Site logistics plans done with 3D/4Dsimulations create spaces where clients and project stakeholders witness entire preconstruction sequencing leading to data driven decisions, whereas model site planning with 2D illustrations is often impossible.

Prior to cmBuilder’s 100% web-based experience, accessibility to 3D/4D simulations had been challenging for contractors and clients alike. It was simply too complex and expensive to author preconstruction plans on one software and view its sequencing on another. cmBuilder offers a dynamic software that details critical site logistics in milestones, making effective pursuit possible. This Site Plan update sees a user interface where the Site Plan Tree and Side Docks work in tandem with the overarching Top Navigation to create optimal Site Plan control functionalities.

With the entire web engine and layout of cmBuilder’s Site Plan designed and constantly developed in-house, the push for innovation is met with a resounding web-based software package that resolves previous preconstruction woes. This in-house research and development keep operational and running costs low, translating into low-cost packages for general contractors and project stakeholders. The absence of any third-party licensing also speaks to the timely development cycles that users can expect whilst navigating the interface.

In the case of the Site Plan vehicle, under our car hood is a web engine entirely made up of thoroughly well-researched and designed packages that are optimized for web and mobile users. The builders are focused on creating an interface that attaches processing speed with consistent preconstruction efficiency. Site Plan is the latest addition to the cmBuilder simulation experience, and one we know tackles cost, presentation and feedback concerns for general contractors and clients. cmBuilder’s motor is fuelled by our desire to consistently increase 3D/4D rendering capabilities. The Site Plan strives to give life to preconstruction projects whilst allowing contractors seamlessly navigate through pursuit phases.

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