Catch at Advancing Preconstruction 2021 in Dallas, TX
Catch Nikan Samimi, Director, Business Development and Strategy, CadMakers, speaking at the 6th annual Advancing Preconstruction 2021 conference later this month! Also, drop by at our booth to chat with Bradley Swartz, and learn more about accessible 4D site simulations on, from August 30 to September 1 in Dallas, TX!
Catch at Advancing Preconstruction 2021 in Dallas, TX
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We are thrilled to announce that, built by CadMakers - the 100% web-based construction site logistics planning and simulation platform - will be making its first conference appearance at the 6th annual Advancing Preconstruction 2021 conference which is North America’s largest gathering of contractors, design firms and clients looking to improve coordination of the design phase. cmBuilder is one of the innovation partners at the event and we have two of our best representing us at the conference!

Nikan Samimi, Director of Business Development & Strategy will deliver a presentation on Day 2 entitled "The Future of Preconstruction is Simulation". He will be joined in Texas with Bradley Swartz, Enterprise Sales Specialist who will be manning the booth, ready to answer any questions you may have and schedule on-the-spot demos customized for your organization's needs.

Traditionally there has not been a fast and easy way to simulate site logistics and construction sequencing in 4D. cmBuilder is a web platform that makes it easy for users to digitally simulate the construction process and accurately bid, plan and win projects. We believe that every construction project of size should be, and will be simulated digitally first to reduce risks, reduce schedule and save money during live construction on site. cmBuilder is breaking down digital barriers and making site simulation accessible for everyone.

Join us at Advancing Preconstruction 2021 for some great conversations!

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