Super Hour - How Digital is Impacting Construction | Event Recap
| 4 minute read
Super Hour - How Digital is Impacting Construction | Event Recap
| 4 minute read

The latest panel event takes on a “Super” approach by welcoming the vast industry knowledge of three superintendents with experience levels that span over 80 years combined. The “Super” Hour as it was fittingly dubbed, saw the virtual presence of Jim Pritchett: Sr. Superintendent, JTM Construction; Walter Payne: Sr. Superintendent, Syncra Construction; and Tyler Brown: General Superintendent, Smith Bros. and Wilson (BC) Ltd with the panel moderated by our Co-Founder & CEO Javier Glatt.

Watch the full recording of “Super” hour here:

The industry insights offered during this session spoke to the ubiquitous nature of digital technology in every part of life, with its claws barely scratching its full potential in the preconstruction field. Highlighting how the pursuit phase has evolved, Jim emphasized on how projects have moved from paper maps and hand sketches to design build processes.

Along these lines of digitalization, Walter touched on the importance of having a tool that is easily accessible and coordinates all the phases of preconstruction. In his words, “The cmBuilder tool can be used on a project manager level or on site to lay out the site plan, schedule several milestones and organize plans around proper equipment usage.”

The evolvement of the preconstruction sector to a digital one is something that comes as no surprise to our superintendents as the construction industry has always been built on tools of efficiency and performance. “cmBuilder is revolutionizing our logistics plans on large projects, it really helps us capture the scope by overlaying the drawings to the site conditions edge-to-edge. On typical drawing projects, we are able to overlay the drawing in stacks while being a comprehensive tool for the placement of our project infrastructure,” Jim highlighted.

Speaking on the power and importance of technology in the pursuit phase, Tyler touched on the importance of visual 3D modelling and presentation. This visual element creates a unique understanding for stakeholders who experience slated construction plans on a touch-and-feel basis. On his experience with cmBuilder, Tyler stated that “The power of its presentation is that everyone in the room understands what you are talking about, they are all on the same page, they can see the detailed planning that you have done, and they can see the ability to expand on that plan.”

The accurate modelling and sequencing tools available on cmBuilder are features that bring stakeholders and general contractors to a level playing field where site logistics are understood on a visual basis. cmBuilder truly brings preconstruction plans to life, a reality that our superintendents concur with and attach to their pursuit phases.

Want to try cmBuilder out for yourself? You can start a free trial on today! You can also book a customized demo with a product expert.

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