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Landmark Properties: A Trailblazer in Student Housing Development
Explore how Landmark Properties revolutionizes student housing with cutting-edge technology like cmBuilder, enhancing project management and collaboration.
Landmark Properties: A Trailblazer in Student Housing Development
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Founded in Athens, GA in 2004, Landmark Properties is a fully integrated real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of premier student housing communities across the nation. Building upon this success, Landmark has expanded into the single family and traditional multifamily housing markets to deliver unmatched rental experiences. Landmark Construction serves as the in house General Contractor for most of its projects, delivering exceptional value by leveraging our expertise in the design, preconstruction, construction phases of our projects. The unwavering commitment to business and technological innovation is not just a strategy, but a core ethos at Landmark. As Jason Vaia, VDC Executive, eloquently puts it, “Our focus has always been on leading the charge in the student housing market through innovative solutions. Embracing technology platforms like cmBuilder is a testament to our forward-thinking mindset.”

"I've always kind of looked at 4D as the easiest way to build a relationship between VDC and superintendents.  cmBuilder has made it so that some of the more technology embracing supers, like Mike Bogdash, they're willing to actually get their hands dirty and do it themselves. This opens the door for future innovations, because once the site teams start realizing that there's a lot more that can be done with the model it really opens up new opportunities to provide value."

- Jason Vaia - VDC Executive at Landmark Properties, Inc.

The Digital Project Delivery Revolution: A Game Changer for Project Management

The adoption of BIM and VDC by Landmark Properties across their project portfolio over the past 5 years, marks a significant shift in their overall project management approach. When layering on new 4D digital planning workflows enabled by cmBuilder, Landmark has started to take the process to a whole new level. The cmBuilder platform enables a more dynamic visualization of project logistics and project sequencing, facilitating a seamless flow from planning to execution. Mike Bogdash, Preconstruction Field Manager at Landmark speaks to its impact, saying, "With cmBuilder, we've revolutionized how we handle project planning. It's not just about seeing the plan; it's about interacting with it, tweaking it in real-time to avoid potential pitfalls." This interactive approach has not only streamlined processes but also enhanced collaboration across teams.

Mark at Austin project by Landmark Properties using for site logistics and 4D planning
Mark at Austin by Landmark Properties

Enhanced Collaboration and Pre-emptive Problem-Solving

One of the key benefits of cmBuilder, as highlighted by both Jason and Mike, is its role in fostering collaboration between the Virtual Design and Construction teams and the project superintendents who operate in the field. Jason Vaia notes, "The ability to foresee and pre-emptively address issues before they escalate on-site is invaluable. " This proactive problem-solving is a cornerstone of Landmark's operational efficiency, driving business results and end-user satisfaction.

"cmBuilder helps you see how it all comes together. From when you start building to when you're coming out of the ground, from the first piece of the pie to the next piece, and the next piece, visualizing how it ties together. Then you can see ahead of time conflicts which is awesome. I am thoroughly enjoying it."

- Mike Bogdash - Preconstruction Field Manager at Landmark Properties, Inc.

Mark at Austin project by Landmark Properties using for site logistics and 4D planning
Mark at Austin Project by Landmark Properties

Looking Ahead: A Future Fueled by Technology

Landmark's journey with technology is far from over. With plans to integrate more advanced tools like VR and AR, they are setting the stage for a future where construction processes are not just efficient but also intuitively aligned with modern technology. With nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Mike shares his excitement about this future, stating, "The potential of integrating VR and AR into our processes, building on our experience with construction simulations in cmBuilder, is something we look forward to. It's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in construction."  We’re also interested in the enabling technologies that automate project progress tracking.

Setting a New Standard in Construction

Landmark Properties, through its strategic adoption of cmBuilder and other technologies, exemplifies a progressive and technologically savvy approach in the construction industry. As Jason puts it, "Our journey with cmBuilder is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring and adopting technologies that drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and excellence in our projects." This commitment not only sets Landmark apart but also serves as an inspiring model for the future of construction.

Standard at Dinkytown project by Landmark Properties using for site logistics and 4D planning
Standard at Dinkytown Project by Landmark Properties

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