Jim Pritchett on cmBuilder revolutionizing JTM Construction's logistics plans on large projects
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In life, change is inevitable, a stance that the construction industry has taken and run full sprint with, as it digitally evolves. The preconstruction field has seen an approach that adds real-time scenarios and elements to paper drawings and physical markups. In this sector, growth is a choice, a mindset that is fully-embraced by cmBuilder, as it continues to bring the much-needed change and growth to preconstruction modelling and simulation. Watch Jim Pritchett, Sr. Superintendent, JTM Construction talking about construction technology evolution here:

Speaking on this evolution and the elimination of previous preconstruction woes, Jim touched on the need for efficiency in data processing whilst navigating through these preconstruction plans electronically.

He highlighted the importance of early modelling and planning, a step that allows for an understanding of class detection coordination and constructability within logistics plans. The crucial nature of this step aligns with the goals of cmBuilder where site simulation can be broken down to the most minute scenarios.

In his words, “cmBuilder is revolutionizing our logistics plans on large projects as it really helps us capture the scope by overlaying the drawings to the site conditions, edge to edge. It is a comprehensive tool for the placement of our project infrastructure such as cranes, manlifts and stair towers.”  

The attention to detail on the Site Plan turns a basic napkin sketch into a 3D/4D model simulation that can be presented to clients and general stakeholders within framed milestones and multiple scenarios. The cmBuilder interface encompasses markups that detail phases of site logistics during the pursuit phase and proposals, hence, truly bringing preconstruction plans to life.

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