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Leading Construction into the Future: Insights from the cmBuilder Superintendent Roundtable Event
During the recent cmBuilder roundtable, industry experts discussed challenges like labor shortages and the role of technology in construction. The event emphasized collaboration, mentorship, and the evolving role of superintendents. Featuring insights from seasoned superintendents across the U.S., the discussion highlighted the need for trade education and adapting to modern communication methods. Embracing tech tools like cmBuilder was cited as pivotal for improving project efficiency and collaboration. This event underscored the path to a resilient and innovative construction future.
Leading Construction into the Future: Insights from the cmBuilder Superintendent Roundtable Event
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Held on August 22, 2023, cmBuilder's roundtable event “Putting the Super…in Superintendent”, industry leaders convened to delve into pressing issues like skilled labor shortages, mentorship, collaboration, and the evolving landscape of construction technology. Hosted by Javier Glatt, Co-Founder of cmBuilder, the event aimed to foster meaningful dialogue among construction superintendents and encourage collective efforts to strengthen the industry.

The panel of experienced superintendents included Ross Massey from Verdex Construction in Florida, Matt Moore from S+B James Construction in Northern California, and Jonathan Ruggeberg from DPR Construction. Each participant brought a unique perspective shaped by their diverse backgrounds and years of experience in the field.

The discussion kicked off with a focus on the role of a construction superintendent today. The superintendents highlighted the importance of organization, communication, and coordination of field activities, ensuring compliance with safety standards and quality processes. Additionally, the role involves collaborating with various stakeholders, from trade partners and clients to design teams and municipalities.

The superintendents also discussed the challenges posed by the skilled labor shortage, particularly as the older generation of workers retire and younger generations choose different career paths. This gap in skilled labor necessitates a renewed focus on trade schools and technical education to attract and nurture new talent.

When it came to changes in the job over the past decade, the panel acknowledged the shifting workforce dynamics. With millennials entering the industry, communication and leadership styles have evolved. Superintendents now need to be adaptable leaders who can offer guidance, problem-solving, and support to their teams and trade partners.

“The actual 3D component of cmBuilder is powerful...here let me spin the project around and let's look at it from this angle so you can see why we're doing that. I can literally show my grandma exactly what I'm doing and she finally understands it like it's perfect!”

- Matt Moore - Superintendent at S+B James Construction

“Incorporating new technology enables us to further our development, improve, be efficient, and change the game.”

- Jonathan Ruggeberg - Central Region Innovation Leader at DPR Construction

The conversation took an exciting turn when technology's role in modern construction was discussed. The adoption of innovative platforms like cmBuilder and Openspace was praised for their role in enhancing collaboration and efficiency. The panel noted that cmBuilder's visual approach allows superintendents to clearly communicate logistics to trade partners, resulting in better project setup and execution. Openspace's 360-degree camera technology enables thorough documentation and facilitated communication between field and office teams, leading to quicker issue resolution.

These technologies have transformed the way preconstruction tasks are managed, from visualizing project sequences using touch plan software to providing clients with comprehensive visual representations of site logistics and project plans. The integration of such technologies has paved the way for a more transparent, streamlined, and collaborative construction process.

The construction superintendent roundtable offered valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. The event highlighted the importance of addressing labor shortages through education and mentorship programs while also embracing technology to enhance communication and project delivery. By collaborating and sharing experiences, construction professionals can collectively shape a stronger and more innovative future for the industry.

“I use cmBuilder with our trade partners constantly cause they're very visual learners. With the benefit of this visualization, they will understand the project when they're out therein field. With cmBuilder, we put it up on the screen and it's pretty self-explanatory.”

- Ross Massey - Lead Superintendent at Verdex Construction

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