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The S+B James and cmBuilder Collaboration - Innovating Construction
Explore how S+B James Construction's partnership with cmBuilder transforms design build projects with 4D modeling, enhancing efficiency and client engagement.
The S+B James and cmBuilder Collaboration - Innovating Construction
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A Tradition of Trust and Innovation

S+B James Construction, founded in 1977, has become a beacon of growth and innovation in the construction industry. Expanding from their Southern Oregon roots, S+B James now has multiple locations including Sacramento, Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno, and soon Las Vegas and San Diego. They have maintained a steadfast mission: to be the most trusted building partner in the communities they serve. This mission, centered around building lasting relationships rather than merely amassing clients, sets the stage for their commitment to innovation and excellence.

"Honestly, cmBuilder is now a standard on every project that we have at S+B James. From RFPs to maintaining the jobs, it's a standard part of our project planning and execution workflow"

- Matt Moore - VDC / Scheduling Manager at S+B James Construction

Tahoe City Project by S+B James Construction using
Tahoe City Project by S+B James Construction

Embracing Technological Evolution

Matt Moore, VDC / Scheduling Manager at S+B James, reflects on the evolution of project delivery over the last decade, highlighting the shift from traditional design-bid-build approaches to design-build models. This transformation emphasizes the importance of involving builders early in the design process to ensure feasibility and efficiency. Moore's insights reveal a growing trend towards more collaborative, technology-driven project delivery methods, where upfront planning and BIM (Building Information Modeling) play critical roles in enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Mammoth Hospital Project by S+B James Construction using
Mammoth Hospital Project by S+B James Construction

The Role of Site Logistics and Planning

A pivotal aspect of S+B James's success lies in their approach to site logistics and planning, particularly through the adoption of 4D modeling and construction simulations. These technologies allow for more strategic planning and execution, benefiting not only the construction team but ultimately the client through higher quality, cost-effective projects. Moore underscores the importance of these technologies in identifying and resolving potential issues early in the project lifecycle, saving time and resources.

Mammoth Hospital Project by S+B James Construction using
Mammoth Hospital Project by S+B James Construction

cmBuilder: A Game-Changer in Construction Planning

cmBuilder has emerged as a standard tool within S+B James, revolutionizing their digital planning and execution workflows. Moore praises cmBuilder for its ability to quickly create detailed 3D models of project sites, facilitating early-stage planning and decision-making. This capability proves invaluable not just in conceptualizing projects and strategizing logistics but also in communicating complex plans to clients, particularly in sectors like education where visual understanding of project timelines and outcomes is crucial. “Literally in a matter of 20 or 30 minutes I can have a 3D world of our project and instantly start brainstorming our approach to building the job and you can very quickly rule out inefficient or flawed ideas. cmBuilder takes almost no time to create and provides tremendous value.” said Moore.

"My big goal is to make that superintendent 2.0 role so to speak. The super that has 30-40 years of experience in the trenches but also is very comfortable with manipulating a BIM model and utilizing these different software platforms to strategically plan and build their projects successfully."

- Matt Moore

Chapa-De Project by S+B James Construction using
Chapa-De Project by S+B James Construction

Fostering Collaboration and Client Engagement

The adoption of cmBuilder by S+B James exemplifies how modern construction management tools can bridge the gap between technical planning and client engagement. By providing a visual and interactive representation of projects, cmBuilder helps demystify the construction process for clients, fostering a deeper understanding and involvement in their projects. This technology not only streamlines planning and execution for the construction team but also enhances transparency and trust with clients, aligning perfectly with S+B James's mission.

Building the Future Together

The partnership between S+B James and cmBuilder illustrates the transformative power of technology in the construction industry. By prioritizing relationships and leveraging innovative tools like cmBuilder, S+B James continues to lead the way in delivering efficient, high-quality construction projects. Their commitment to embracing technological advancements while maintaining a focus on client satisfaction serves as a model for the industry, demonstrating that the future of construction lies in the integration of tradition with innovation.

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