cmBuilder and Naylor Love Ink Enterprise Partnership
| 4 minute read
Delve into the newly-formed Enterprise-level alliance between cmBuilder, an innovator in construction simulation technology that is democratizing 4D site logistics planning, and Naylor Love Construction, a respected authority in New Zealand's construction industry. This partnership is poised to accelerate Naylor Love's digital delivery workflows by leveraging cutting-edge 3D/4D digital simulation to optimize project planning, collaboration, and execution.
cmBuilder and Naylor Love Ink Enterprise Partnership
| 4 minute read


Burnaby, BC, Canada - July 25, 2023 - cmBuilder.io, a leading provider of advanced construction technology solutions, has announced a strategic enterprise level partnership with Naylor Love Construction, one of New Zealand’s most respected construction companies. The partnership is set to propel Naylor Love’s construction processes into the future by combining their vast project experience and technical know-how, with the adoption of cmBuilder's innovative construction simulation platform.

cmBuilder offers Naylor Love advanced capabilities in the virtual design and construction technology realm, making it fast and easy to enhance the overall planning, simulation, and execution of their projects. This collaboration will offer Naylor Love the ability to virtually visualize, plan, and modify construction designs before & during construction, saving time and money.

"We are extremely excited to grow our partnership with Pete and the Naylor Love team. Their established track record and forward-thinking approach to construction align perfectly with our mission at cmBuilder. I have been inspired watching their team ramp up significantly on the platform since November 2022, growing to become one of our most active customers in the entire world; I’m confident that this recent move to an enterprise agreement will only strengthen their abilities to deliver better and more efficient results for their clients."

- Javier Glatt - Co-Founder, CadMakers/cmBuilder.io

“We knew that with the right platform our teams would jump at the chance to enhance what they do. Since November last year, Javier and his team have proven that cmBuilder was the right product, but more importantly, that they were the right people to partner with.”

- Pete Lockhart - General Manager - Construction at Naylor Love

With the rise of digital transformation in the construction industry, this partnership will reinforce both cmBuilder’s and Naylor Love’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, safety and sustainability. By integrating cmBuilder’s platform at scale within the business, Naylor Love is well positioned to remain at the forefront of the construction industry.

About cmBuilder.io

cmBuilder is the new industry standard construction site logistics simulation platform. cmBuilder democratized 4D construction site logistics with fast and easy cloud-based workflows, powerful sequencing simulation capabilities, and unparalleled real-time collaboration.

About Naylor Love

Naylor Love is New Zealand’s largest privately owned commercial construction company and is proud to have served the country since 1910. With a strong track record in all aspects of commercial construction, Naylor Love strives to deliver exceptional construction services for their clients while maintaining long-term relationships with all project partners

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