User Webinar: Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of cmBuilder | Event Recap
| 4 minute read
User Webinar: Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of cmBuilder | Event Recap
| 4 minute read

cmBuilder’s latest user webinar focuses on the practicality of the preconstruction burden on general contractors and construction managers. In this scope, contractors are left to navigate outdated and inefficient technology for site logistics whilst managing the risk associated with site logistics planning costs. Tools available to contractors in the market are often too complex and expensive to adequately fit the scale of the preconstruction phase.

This bridge between efficient preconstruction practices and cost effective planning is a void that the cmBuilder model is built to fill. The webinar gives users and potential stakeholders a taste of what the cmBuilder simulation experience is like whilst explaining the latest updates that have been added to the cmBuilder Site Plan arsenal to further resolve preconstruction woes.

Users are now given tools to backfill from excavated material and fill from existing cuts by copying the polyline. The scope of this feature then allows for a temporary hide and show function to give users a better judgement of all milestones. Successful excavation requires optimal planning and reporting, hence, the Earthwork takeoff (Excavation Report) by cmBuilder. This tool gives users total information about excavation with a detailed breakdown of the process on a milestone basis; mapping out the project total cut and the project total fill.

The massing on the Site Plan navigates through all positional and scaling preferences whilst taking into account the users’ need for either a simple or detailed simulation. In this planning phase, 3D models can be imported at anytime with their mesh ID’s shown whilst navigating between milestones. The scope here is simple; mass with or without a 3D model, import these 3D simulations at any time and analyze all meshes in the simulations. This update welcomes a user guide and ticket supporting system that mirrors on-site construction fields with Bug Report, Feature Request and Resource Request all granting users direct access to the builders.

The tips and tricks explained during the webinar detailed the simulation practices that stem from the initial import phases to the final presentation stages. Key to this 100% web-based practice is the understanding of model positioning, excavation features and user guides. As always, contractors can simply generate and send out the link of the final project version to clients who can view this using any web browser with an internet connection.

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