First functionality of end-to-end excavation modeling and simulation released on
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Simulating your construction site logistics plan early on in the preconstruction phase of a project is quickly become a key driver of value for the client and project stakeholders and is on the cusp of becoming an industry best practice. 3D/4D simulations performed in allow for quick, real-time scenario analyses as that act as "digital rehearsals" and are easy to create and share with all project stakeholders to get to data driven decisions, faster on your projects, therefore driving savings in the construction phase of the project.

excavation planning on cmBuilder

Before cmBuilder, it had been quite the challenge for construction planners to perform these activities for the excavation phase, as much of the information provided by the design team pertaining to geotechnical was done in 2D only, which caused a mix of 2D and 3D design information to draw from. With this first release of the excavation feature set, cmBuilder makes it easy to rapidly model, simulate and quantify the bulk and detailed excavation phase with the ability to perform "cut" operations and link excavation phases to milestone dates.

excavation planning on cmBuilder

You can now plan all excavation sequencing by adding cut volumes, ramps, creating phasing milestones, and auto calculate quantity take-offs of cut volumes in real-time. These tools will enhance communication with your project teams, trades and clients while visualizing the excavation plan in 3D/4D to de-risk the job, also allowing for a cross-check of existing references like surrounding buildings, civil utilities, and terrain elevations to increase predictability.

excavation planning on cmBuilder

Coming next will be the "fill" operations of the traditional cut & fill process. After that will be allowing for planning different types of shoring, importing bore hole results, and much much more!! The icing on the cake is that because cmBuilder is 100% web-based, you will not need to locally install any software and perform these operations entirely on your browser!

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