4D Construction Milestone Manager
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Nearly every pre-construction planner is looking for easy ways to tell a dynamic story about their proposed construction plan, or the different scenarios for logistics and onsite execution. For years our customers have been seeking a way to perform 4D modeling in an easy and cost-effective way, but it has previously been a challenge to deliver this with existing tools in the market. Try cmBuilder's highlighted feature - Milestone Manager to simulate and track every key step of your construction plan visualized onsite, and share a real time URL link for your client and project stakeholders to review in the web on any mobile device.

Easily start modeling a 4D visualization of your site directly in the web with provided tools

Getting Started

A milestone is mostly what brings clarity to a project and establishes clear objectives that help visualize how the project will achieve the stated goals. This feature allows you to create, visualize and build your construction model with 4D animation. Our aim is to provide simplified solutions that show how your project will be constructed over time. Using our web-based 4D animation in cmBuilder takes lesser time than sketching. Yes, you read it right, cmBuilder provides simplified 4D solutions that enable people to develop models as they want.

Set a start and end date for your project

Creating a Milestone

If you are planning a construction site that has major tasks and stages to complete, the milestone manager is a great visualization and planning tool. You can quickly create snapshots and set construction milestones by selecting a completion date to a phase (the milestone) from start to end. You can also create multiple milestones and track every update on a daily basis. Track and visualize completed models by clicking on the milestone names or navigating using the arrows on the top left to right chronologically. Once the project is created, the configuration of the construction site is also auto-saved.

Add, remove or edit resources effortlessly

Adding and Managing Resources

Once the milestone of a project is set, the next step is to add or create resources. You can do so using the resource library with readily available parametric 3D models to fit your building requirement. These include: cranes, hoists, gates, lighting, trailers, and a multitude of resources. Additionally, you can also manage your crew members by simply removing or adding new people to the site. It’s convenient to simulate every step of your construction project with no trouble. Work better with our milestone manager tool.

Auto-sync to Gantt Charts

Auto-sync Resources to Gantt Charts

When you've created and added the necessary resources to the 3D site plan, they will be auto-synced to the Gantt chart so you can view the change in costs immediately and share with stakeholders! Your milestones also show up on the shareable Gantt chart view.

Define perimeter, build floors and modify floor height with 3D massing tool

Building Massing

Our in-application project 3D massing feature gives you the ability to directly model a placeholder for the building if no 3D model is available, directly in the web browser. Starting from an offset of the property line, draw your building footprint for the base floor and then hit enter. A User Interface pops up to allow you to define the heights of the building and then modify floors as you go, allowing you to create nearly any shape imaginable!

1-Click generate shareable URL link with your project stakeholders - View in 3D from any smart device

Share Project Updates Easily

Sharing and reporting milestone achievements can also be done quickly. Create sharable links that can be accessed on any smart device even without asking for a login credential. Our feature’s goal is to make it simple for our clients because we know construction planning could be stressful and time-consuming.  

All things considered, cmBuilder milestone manager lets you communicate better, visualize different scenarios/options to study and help collaborate with the team via real-time updates on the web. cmBuilder helps turn ideas into REALITY. Leverage our newest web-based technology platform today.

Watch Video

Over the past couple of months, we have added a lot of functional and design changes to cmBuilder. In the video below, cmBuilder product owner Pedro Sousa shows us how we can use to build 4D simulations for construction site logistics planning, manage resources and stay ahead of the competition to win more jobs!

If you would like to try the link generated by Pedro for free, leave us comment below with your email ID or schedule a cmBuilder demo!

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