Back deploys game changing new web engine and optimizes crane planning with AI
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According to this article written by McKinsey Engineering, Construction and Building Materials Practice one of the short-term trends recognized in the construction industry is the rapidly increasing digitization. Designers and engineers are relying even more heavily on digital design and collaboration tools such as building information modeling (BIM) to help visualize and streamline coordination prior to live construction. The increased demand for digitization within general contracting firms has been increasingly pushed upstream with model-based quantity takeoffs for estimating and 4D / 5D site logistics simulations to help plan projects and optimize schedules in a more efficient manner.

The challenge: Digital tools available in the market for site logistics planning and simulation are too complex and expensive for mass adoption across the industry. This unfortunately means that the 3D digital chain often breaks and companies have to revert to 2D PDF editors and excel and also to perhaps recording a video of a simple animation of site sequencing. These are workflows that lack data and intelligence, and hold GCs back from realizing the full potential of digital in the preconstruction phase. For digital to scale across the GC market for early-stage site logistics, the market is in desperate need of a high-value solution allowing for detailed, high fidelity 3D/4D/5D modeling tool but with low effort and low total cost.

Enter Our team determined that the only way to bring a scalable solution enabling digital innovation for the masses was to create a high-value, low effort and low-cost product that all preconstruction professionals can use. No locally installed software that needs regular IT support, no paid training requirements, no file-based outputs that silos data from project to project and between users. With the latest release of cmBuilder's purpose-built Web Engine, now preconstruction professionals can load massive data sets into their browser with silky smooth performance, and not just view and analyze the data, but actually create/author new data inside the web engine of cmBuilder. With our viewer + editor engine, you have everything you need at your fingertips to import as many large BIM models as you want (we have built proprietary converter that supports openBIM standards IFC4, IFC2x3, .STP and .FBX), overlay on the address of the project using cmBuilder's generated map with the terrain and then model new 3D parametric resources of cranes, hoists, fencing, concrete pump trucks, traffic management cones, trailers, hoarding, etc. These resources can then be linked with the imported and filtered model to show 4D milestones that bring your project plan to life, directly on the web! You can generate a link of this scenario and share it with any stakeholder to load from any smart device without needing credentials, so your team has the latest data updated at all times.

With our new engine release, there is no model we can't handle! You don't need to model in one software, then export to another software to do the 4D simulation - all to just create a video or file at the end. combines that all into one interactive solution that gets the full job done! This new release is a 10x improvement over the previous release, in terms of frames per second performance in the browser. We are willing to put our web engine in cmBuilder against any in the market in terms of performance (frames per second) with the added benefit of being not just a viewer but also an editor that will allow users to create new 3D geometry parametric models entirely in the browser itself.

We are also announcing today that we have deployed a new feature that uses AI to process baseline inputs for crane selection such as building geometry, property lines, no-fly zones, loading zones, site boundary, heaviest picks, and crane models. Modeling the position of the crane is very critical on every job, our solver makes that job much faster and more efficient with AI. You can run the optimization on cmBuilder and generate a number of potential solutions to choose from.

Increased interest and usage of digital construction technology will grow the industry’s value to 8.8 billion by 2025. Simulating the site logistics of a project offers contractors a way to coordinate the entire preconstruction planning and working this way will differentiate your company and help you win more jobs deploying scalable digital innovation and is here to empower that transformation.

Want to find out for yourself? You can directly start a free trial on today! You can also schedule some time and book a customized demo with a product expert!

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