CadMakers' Next Top Model - 4D Site Logistics Simulation Contest Roundup
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Move aside dog food. We at are drinking our own champagne! As a part of our hugely successful DigiConstruct Week, we organized an internal contest - CadMakers' Next Top Model and as expected, our participants did not disappoint!

The challenge at hand was to create the best site logistics simulation using only an imported BIM and all provided tools/catalogs/features inside Of course, the objective is to go fast and break things, while becoming power-users of our own product! It was amazing to see the creativity unleash as our participants came up with exciting simulations in a span of 10 days. While all the entries were excellent, slow claps, our four finalists wowed us with their super skills and imagination. Don't take our word for it, you can see for yourself! Presenting to you our finalists for CadMakers' Next Top Model-

First up....drumroll...the winner who knocked the ball out of the park!

Abdul Elramali, who went above and beyond with his simulation with very detailed sequencing showing material and equipment delivery, and also excavation and crane assembly. Brownie points for the extra effort in bringing detailed models to represent crucial processes like the delivery and installation of façade panels. Power-user check!

Next we have Laura Patton who incorporated a good traffic control plan on a larger construction site area along with detailed sequencing and optimum use of resources on the site.

This one's from Blake Odland, who impressed us with his creative use of the massing tool to show excavation sequencing and safety measures, great traffic control plus surround impact and adding parametric shoring resource to show concrete slab pouring prep.

And last, but in no way the least, we have the presentation by Pavol Kubini who showed us his creative flair on this mid-rise commercial concrete project. His simulation displayed an accurate placement of resources according to a real site plan, massing to represent the excavation steps and Construction milestones and presentation conveying a perfect plan of execution.

A huge shoutout to all the participants who put in some great work and show the product's ease of use and capabilities! These presentations showcasing parametric resources were 100% simulated on the web utilizing 1 click presentation mode with camera views, accessible across any smart device! It is noteworthy that some of our participants did not have any previous experience working with 3D models! That perfectly reflects the high-value, low-effort solution we are bringing with as we aim to make construction site logistics planning accessible to ALL!

Want to start planning and simulating your own construction site? It's easy to start your free trial! If you want more information on how it works, schedule a customized demo for your company at your convenience!  

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