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There are things in life that you get a second chance at. Creating a first impression however, is not one of them.

In the project pursuit phase of construction, to create the best possible first impression contractors need to study schematics, drawings, specifications, personalities, needs, expectations, tendencies, and specifically address exactly what their client needs. The final bid package along with other essential documents contains a clear and realistic estimate of cost and timelines. The idea is to provide all the information necessary for the prospective client to compare and make an informed decision.

The 4D Presentation Mode on cmBuilder was created to give the user an edge over all other forms of presenting this information to the client. Instead of a video or a file, what you share is an engaging and interactive simulation of the project schedule, site layout, and sequence that is accessible on any smart device with a single click. When you are planning a construction site that has major tasks and stages to complete, the milestone manager of is a great visualization and planning tool. You can quickly create snapshots and set construction milestones by selecting a completion date to a phase (the milestone) from start to end. also has a 2D drawing overlay tool that enables you to easily import, overlay, and view the design plans of your construction sites and utility maps directly on the 3D model viewer. This feature gives you increased accuracy by allowing you the ability to quickly check measurements relative to plan drawings, identify surrounding conditions, check underground utilities, and position resources in precise locations. 

construction milestone manager on

The presentation mode not only creates a video-like animation of your construction milestones but is also interactive and allows your client or any other project stakeholder to change the point of view, rotate the 3D model, zoom in and out, pause and play, define the speed of transition, and the initial and final milestones - all with just a link!

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Use to highlight features that set your firm apart and build a winning presentation around them that aligns with your customers’ business needs. Giving them a detailed, interactive, and realistic visualization of your preconstruction plan will save your clients time and win you more jobs! If you would like to try the link to presentation mode for free let us know in the YouTube comments or schedule a cmBuilder demo!

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